How Often Should I Hire an Accountant for my UAE Small Business? 

UAE small business

There are many responsibilities required to run an efficient small company in the UAE. Furthermore, the management of your money is among the most essential aspects of running a business. A common concern that small-sized businesses face is “How often should I hire an accountant?” In this blog, we’ll look at the different factors to think about when employing an accountant for your company. It will benefit you to make educated choices to ensure the financial stability of your business. So, let’s talk about the essential aspects of employing an accountant. 


The essence that you conduct business 

The amount of time you spend hiring a skilled accountant will depend on the type of company. For instance, when your business is small and part of a rapidly changing industry, and if your company is constantly changing its financial environment, you’ll need periodic financial reviews. Furthermore, a stable and steady company may need less frequent accounting help. 


The complexity of business and the size 

The magnitude and complexity of your company are crucial in determining the frequency at which you need to hire an accountant. Larger companies with more financial transactions could require regular accounting services. They may require frequent financial services to ensure that they comply with the rules and the quality of the financial reports. Small-sized businesses aren’t excluded from this requirement. However, they may require less frequent accounting services, given their size and complexity. 


Regulatory compliance 

The UAE has its own compliance standards and tax laws. If you wish for your company to remain in compliance with these rules, it is vital to avoid legal problems or financial penalties. A competent accountant can assist you in ensuring that your business is in compliance with these rules. Furthermore, an accountant will ensure that you are in compliance by conducting regular checks. 


Strategic financial planning 

An accountant will grant invaluable information regarding your financial planning as well as your day-to-day bookkeeping. If you regularly consult with qualified accountants, they can help you make better choices. Additionally, it will benefit you to create a plan to warrant financial stability for the long term and determine the accurate areas to save money. 


Budget constraints 

It is vital for small businesses with limited budgets to meet the requirements for accounting services in the UAE. Consider hiring an accountant on-site or outsourcing accounting services during crucial times, such as audits or tax season, to ensure that costs are appropriately managed. 


Technology integration 

Today, thanks to technological advancements in finance, counting tasks are more manageable for small-sized firms. It is possible to consider accounting software to simplify your accounting routine. However, periodic reviews conducted by competent and certified accountants are necessary for a thorough analysis of your finances. 

Here are some indicators that suggest your business requires the services of a well-qualified accountant. 

  • If your company is responsible for paying a large amount of taxes, it is a good idea to use accountants. 
  • Chaos in keeping books as well as accounting data.  
  • The loss of essential documents and receipts. Documents and receipts that are important to you. 
  • Planning of business expansion 
  • Before performing an annual audit 
  • If you have financial records that don’t look well-qualified, They’re not skillful. 

In the UAE, every company and business must comply with tax laws. Businesses should not make any errors when filing tax returns. This could be the reason why you should hire an accountant regularly. 

You can also talk to a competent accountant, such as ebs Chartered Accountants for benefit in tax compliance. Additionally, as your company expands and grows, the cash flow, as well as the volume of transactions, are likely to improve. Accounting can be complicated for your company. In the end, failing to keep an eye on your financials will have an impact on your business. This could be the best moment to employ an experienced accountant who can handle every aspect. 


The misplacement or destruction of crucial documents, receipts 

Documents and receipts serve as evidence that a transaction was made. If these crucial documents are lost, they will impact the accounting. It could result in an unreliable picture of transactions and the amounts. This could indicate of a system for accounting that may be in a bad state. However, you can also outsource your accounting needs to a highly reputable business. Accounting services will help you maintain all your documents and ensure they are up to date. 

Business expansion 

Suppose you plan to expand and diversify your company outside of the state. Expanding your business requires an understanding of UAE laws. You’ll need to consider hiring new employees and locating the accurate place to operate your company. If you employ a well-qualified accountant to join your team, he is knowledgeable of tax laws and other data relevant to your company. Therefore, it’s an accurate choice to engage an accountant prior to expanding your company. 



The frequency at which you should engage an accountant will depend on several variables. You should consider the character of your company as well as its complexity and size, budget limitations and regulatory requirements, and financial goals for the future. If you can keep a regular dialogue with a skillful accountant, they can bring important information to help you achieve your financial objectives. You can ensure the financial health of your little enterprise by achieving the perfect balance. 

ebs Chartered Accountants is among the perfect accounting and bookkeeping companies in the UAE. They are your best financial advisor throughout the UAE and a trusted partner for companies of any size. They offer services like bookkeeping and accounting, due diligence auditing, and many other things. Therefore, it is recommended that you contact the experts at ebs to talk about their offerings.  

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