Is Audit Mandatory For IFZA License And Renewals? 

IFZA License

In International Free Zone Authority (IFZA), companies must satisfy the IFZA’s financial requirements to obtain their license. A frequent question is whether audits are required for companies during the renewal process. Audits are a thorough investigation of a company’s economic performance, methods and controls. Although IFZA does not explicitly state that audits are mandatory for all businesses, there are certain instances where an audit may be necessary. The factors, which include the size of the enterprise, its turnover, and the organization’s activities, may affect the necessity to conduct an audit. IFZA-registered firms need to know the IFZA obligatory audit requirements and warrant that they comply to stay away from potential penalties or issues when renewing their licenses. This blog focuses on the importance of auditing and how it benefits accounting firms registered under IFZA. 

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International Free Zone Authority (IFZA): Overview 

International Free Zone Authority (IFZA), Dubai, is situated in one of the most thriving economic centers of Dubai. It is one of the significant economic gateways in UAE and a top-quality platform that offers infrastructure and proximity for the neighbourhood and international business. It also aids in maximizing the benefits of Dubai’s geographic region and world-class infrastructure, as well as the enterprise and tax environment. 


Why Choose IFZA? 

IFZA offers a variety of licenses that can meet the business’s needs in all aspects of setup. With a variety of flexible business licenses, easy legal procedures and a wide range of benefits. Serve many advantages, which include: 

  • Taxes on export and import. 
  • There is no tax on private earnings. 
  • A safe and commercial licensing framework that is a pleasure for the enterprise. 
  • The right to downgrade or upgrade at absolute ease. 
  • Visas for residency are available to business owners and employees. 
  • Fast-Growing Worldwide Business Network. 

Does Auditing have to be mandatory for companies that have the IFZA License? 

An audit by an auditor licensed by IFZA is required for all businesses that are registered with the IFZA license. According to the IFZA License Companies Regulations from 2023, each firm must maintain accounting data, including the underlying documents, that provide satisfying explanations and demonstrate its financial transactions. Furthermore, all businesses must provide their balance sheets (financial documents) within nine months after the end of each 12 months and be audited with the assistance of an auditor who is approved in accordance with the IFZA license. ebs is a certified auditor with an IFZA license. 


Get in touch with an IFZA-approved auditing firm in Dubai to efficiently manage your accounting and auditing needs. 


Rules and Regulations Related to External Audit of Organizations in the IFZA License 

The implementation rules state that companies licensed with the IFZA license are required to employ an audit firm independent of the list of audit firms authorized in accordance with the IFZA license. 

  • The company’s financial statements must be endorsed by the directors or shareholders and signed by at least one of them. According to the registrar’s direction, the company is required to send the registrar a copy of the amount owed, and the auditors must submit their reports within seven days following an order. 
  • According to the IFZA license Companies Regulations, every company is responsible for ensuring that the auditor it has appointed is a registered auditor under its IFZA license and is included in the IFZA license Approved Auditors List. 
  • One of the essential requirements for providing outside audit services in the IFZA license is that the auditors who are part of the IFZA license must have an expert license granted from the Economic Department of Dubai, UAE. 
  • The auditor authorized by an organization with an IFZA license must conduct an external audit of the business’s annual accounts and provide an external audit report. 


Are Audited Financial Statements Mandatory for IFZA Renewal Licenses? 

Audited financial statements are required for renewal of the license granted by the International Free Zone Authority (IFZA). They are required to renew the IFZA financial statements. IFZA audited financials require that all organizations provide audited financial statements in the renewal process in order to warrant that they comply with guidelines and requirements for economic reporting. These statements deliver an open and accountable view of the financial activities and overall performance of the company. 

Timeline for Submission of Audited Financial Statements 

According to IFZA guidelines, companies enrolled in the free quarter are required to submit their audited financial statements within three months of the conclusion of each fiscal year. 


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Procedure for Submitting Audited Financial Statements 

For audited financial statements to be submitted to authorities like the IFZA authority, businesses are required to include the auditor’s signature and stamped Audited Financial Statements Summary Sheet as well as the Audited Financial Statements Report through an online service request through the portal for members. This system is streamlined to ensure the greenest possible submission and adherence to the IFZA guidelines. 


Contact the IFZA audit firms in Dubai to comprehend the full submission procedure and ensure an efficient audit file submission. 


How Do I Appoint Approved Auditors to the IFZA License? 

The company must have auditors in an organization who are licensed under an IFZA license and who will examine and record the debts in conformity with the company regulations. An appointment by a business as an auditor for the company is deemed to be an appointment by all those who are partners in the firm and have been certified with the IFZA license. At each annual general meeting, the company must hire an auditor to remain in office until the conclusion of the next annual general meeting. 

What if you do not Audit Your Books of Accounts in your Organization Registered Under the IFZA License? 

Suppose an entity that has an IFZA license fails to provide the monetary statements that have been audited within the stipulated time frame to the authority via the portal online. In that case, it’s going to be liable for penalties for not complying with IFZA license rules. Failure to submit audited financial statements could result in a significant penalty and could lead to being suspended from services. The biggest risk businesses are exposed to if they fail to submit audited financial reports is a non-renewal of their exchange licenses within IFZA. 


What Role Does ebs chartered accountants Play in Audit Services Under the IFZA License? 

ebs Chartered Accountants is the listed auditor with the IFZA authority. As accredited auditors with IFZA authorization, we can guarantee the highest quality of competent service and conduct throughout an examination, similar to the standards of the International Standards on Auditing (ISA). 


Why is ebs chartered accountants the Best Choice for Auditing Accounts? 

We have a group of highly qualified experts who have a vast knowledge of auditing. Our auditors perform the audit within the premises of our customers to assist and support accountants in creating and preparing financial statements that comply with those of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) without affecting the impartiality that the auditors have. 

Get in touch with our skilled auditors and our experienced auditors in Dubai in the UAE and UAE free zones to receive solid accounting and auditing solutions for your business and improve the effectiveness of its operations. Our expert team provides you with customized audit services that you can adapt to your requirements. We provide you with an array of simplified solutions that can help bring your business from areas that are not free to take it to the highest step and benefit you in actually achieving your objectives. Reach out to our team of experts to inquire about our auditing services that are tailored to your needs. Accounting services. 

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