JAFZA License Cancellation: A Guide to Terminate Operations in Dubai 

JAFZA license cancellation

In Dubai’s highly competitive business climate, businesses may be forced to remove their JAFZA licenses for various reasons. This could be due to changing market conditions, restructuring, or business practices; knowing when to terminate an authorization is vital. This article will provide the complete guidelines for cancelling a JAFZA license. It includes a partial termination of a permit or lease, mandatory requirements for the full closure of operations, and specific requirements for every company. 

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JAFZA License Termination: A Comprehensive Guide 

The expiration of the JAFZA license in Dubai requires extensive knowledge of the process and precise guidelines. Whether it’s a part lease termination or a complete shutdown, companies must undergo various steps and adhere to guidelines from the regulatory authorities. Following these guidelines, businesses can ensure an easy and legal process of ending their licenses in the thriving business climate that is Dubai’s Jebel Ali Free Zone. 


Partial Termination of Lease or License 

In certain instances, businesses might not want to lose their entire industry, but they may have to scale back or surrender a small portion of their lease space. This partial end-of-life process requires applying with JAFZA detailing the exact location or license the business wants to end. After review and approval, the company can continue with a partial termination with an eye on more flexibility when addressing the business activities. 


Mandatory Requirements for Complete Shutdown 

If a company decides to stop its operations and cancel the JAFZA license, it has to follow the positive requirements of mandatory requirements. These requirements are followed by all organizations regardless of the type of the crime or type of business. The most critical steps of the termination process are: 

  • Settlement The Settlement is vital to ensure that all financial concerns are dealt with before starting the revocation process for your license. 
  • Liquidation Analysis: An extensive document that outlines the company’s economic functions, assets and liabilities, and final price distribution to shareholders or partners should be prepared. The file is an official document to prove that all operations were completed in the JAZFA liquidation of the company. 
  • Application for winding up: The company is planning to release the HTML0 application for JAFZA company deregistration to wind up. This will be followed by the benefit of specific documents that comprise the winding-up report, a copy of the resolution of the winding-up organization, and a certificate of approval from the appropriate government. 


Specific Requirements for FZCO and FZE Companies 

There are additional conditions for cancellation of licenses for firms that belong to Free Zone Company (FZCO) and Free Zone Establishment (FZE). The most essential requirements are: 

  • Board of Administrators’ decision: The board of directors must decide whether to dissolve the business and revoke its license. After it has been notarized, the resolution is sent the JAFZA, the free zone’s strategy for exit upon the end of the file. 
  • Shareholder or Partner Approval: The shareholders and partners in the FZCO and FZE must also give their written approval to the end of the business. Their signatures must be authenticated and be included in the termination service. 


Specific Requirements for Branches and Foreign Companies 

Branch and overseas organizations each have their own set of licensing cancellation requirements. They include: 

  • Parent company consent: The parent company must offer additional official written consent to revoke any license issued by the foreign employer or department. This consent should be notarized and included along with the termination software. 
  • Close of Local Bank Account: Departments and corporations with offices or remote locations should approach their bank account and present evidence of closing for JAFZA. 
  • Understanding the JAFZA method of cancelling licenses is a time-consuming and complicated process. It is good to know that skillful assistance is available. Benefit groups create the required documentation and ensure that they comply with all regulations. 

Knowing what is involved in the JAFZA license cancellation procedure is crucial for companies that operate in Dubai. Whether a license or lease is incompletely terminated, or operations are totally terminated, it’s essential to adhere to the mandatory requirements and specific incentives for certain kinds of businesses. If businesses need the benefit of JAZFA-approved auditors in Dubai, they will be able to navigate the process of revocation of licenses and warrant that they are in compliance with all legal obligations. 


Need Help? 

ebs Chartered Accountants can help you prepare a liquidation document for JAFZA licenses. 

ebs Chartered Accountants are JAZFA-approved auditors who specialize in supporting groups in creating an accounting report on liquidation to be used for JAFZA licenses. Through their expertise in the field, they can assist companies in the complicated cancellation of licenses. 

ebs is aware of the specific requirements and guidelines concerning JAFZA license revocation and ensures that all required documentation is well-organized and presented. Through its services, companies can trust us to find the problematic liquidation record details, providing security and pleasure at some point in the license revocation process. 

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