UAE Golden Visa May 2024: Latest Updates for Professionals And Employees 

The UAE Golden Visa is a long-term resident visa created for foreign professionals, traders, and students who live, work, and study in the UAE. This visa provides several advantages over other visas, such as sponsorship of family members or more trustworthy residency processes. This article will include the most recent updates on income requirements and diploma equivalencies for professionals and workers, as well as the function of a professional chartered accountant in Dubai in providing expert assistance on the documents and procedures for the UAE golden visa update in 2024.  

What is the UAE Golden Visa?   

The UAE Golden Visa is a complete long-term residency application that offers a variety of benefits to approved individuals and their households. With a validity period of up to ten (10) years, this visa allows holders to live, work, own property, and conduct business in the UAE. Furthermore, as compared to traditional visas, the Golden Visa provides various benefits, including relaxed residency requirements, lucrative tax breaks, access to top-tier healthcare and educational services, and a slew of other options that contribute to a higher quality of life.  

Salary Requirements for Golden Visa UAE  

There have been modifications to the wage requirements for the Golden Visa. Formerly, the monthly total of all allowances had to be at least AED 30,000; presently, only the basic wage needs to meet this threshold; additional allowances may be added. Professionals applying for the Golden Visa are the only ones affected by these adjustments.  

UAE Golden Visa for Professionals   

To qualify for the Golden Visa below the expert level, candidates must complete the following requirements:  

  • To apply for a Golden Visa in this class, candidates must have a valid job contract in the UAE. 
  • MOHRE applicants must fall within one of two occupational areas. 
  • Educational requirements: Candidates must have a bachelor’s diploma or equivalent. 
  • The minimum monthly salary of AED 30,000 should not exceed the anticipated monthly profits. 

UAE Golden Visa Application Requirements for Executive Directors  

Executive directors seeking the Golden Visa must have a monthly income of AED 30,000 and provide documentation of at least five years of experience in their role, as well as valid work contracts and MOE-approved degrees.  

Documents Required for Golden Visa Applications UAE  

To apply for a Golden Visa, applicants must present the following documents:  

To apply for one, applicants need:  

  • A valid passport photocopy  
  • Passport-sized photograph from the last 6 months  
  • Copy of the tenancy contract  
  • IBAN for each applicant.  
  • Medical insurance cards and a medical fitness certificate are required for all job applications.  
  • Supporting documents may include labour contracts, educational credentials, labour cards, or letters from government departments.  


The UAE Golden Visa offers various benefits to professionals and employees, including long-term residency and family sponsorship. Due to recent changes in income requirements and degree equivalencies, applicants must ensure that they meet all essential criteria to gain this privilege. Professionals and employees can successfully get this visa and gain its many benefits if they understand their legal responsibilities and complete the requirements appropriately.  

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