Understanding VAT Registration in the UAE: Who Should Be Register and For What Reasons? 

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Who Should Be Register and For What Reasons? 

The process of registering the UAE taxpayer according to the UAE VAT law is an overwhelming task for those who are entrepreneurs or brand new to business. The process is designed to ensure that only those who comply with the requirements of the law get a UAE Tax Registration number. Many companies find that registering for VAT could result in disappointment and sometimes delays. There is a common misconception that the process for getting TRNs is easy. The structure of VAT indeed keeps evolving. The structure is constantly changing. FTA keeps changing the tax system based on evidence-based and market research. Thus, the due process is changing to reflect these changes and is added to EMARATAX, the taxation system. EMARATAX. This article aims to provide essential information and guidelines regarding UAE VAT registration for company owners in the UAE. However, if you find the process overwhelming or need expert guidance, remember that VAT registration consultancy services are readily available to support you through the process. 

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Understanding UAE VAT Basics 

Grasping the fundamentals of VAT is a crucial first step. It’s essential to determine if your company falls under the category of a ‘Taxable product’. The UAE VAT regime, implemented in 2018, imposes a standard rate of 5.5 percent on most goods and services. However, not all products or services are tax-deductible. Those outside the UAE or within free zones recognized by the UAE as such are not eligible for tax deductions and are considered ‘out-of-scope’. Therefore, comprehending the definition of tax-deductible products and services, along with the various VAT rates and exemptions applicable to your company, is of utmost importance. 

Determining the Basis of Your Application 

The Legislation permits certain conditions that allow either a voluntary or mandatory basis to be applied. If your company can’t prove eligibility to register VAT, your application will fail. 

1. Minimum VAT Registration Threshold for Mandatory VAT 

The selection of the financial threshold transactions that require VAT registration for businesses in the UAE is essential. Companies that use tax-deductible products derived from the last and the following 30 days of annual revenues exceeding AED exceed 0 must be registered—the tax registration for VAT. Calculating the calendar on a rolling basis is crucial to fulfilling your VAT registration requirements and being free of penalties. It’s a common mistake that businesses commit when they do not connect their calculations of turnover or income to the accounting year or calendar. 

2. Voluntary VAT Registration 

Another condition is that it has to be fulfilled on a voluntary basis. The law permits businesses that meet the threshold for taxable supplies of AED187,500 to purchase tax-deductible goods or purchases made in the past 12 months. 

Voluntary VAT registration can be a game-changer, especially for new entrepreneurs. It not only demonstrates your commitment to transparency and adherence to tax laws but also allows your business to reclaim VAT expenses. When you file your initial VAT return, your company can claim VAT on the costs incurred and purchasing items and services. The period is five years for services and 12 months for items that aren’t sold. This is a significant advantage that can boost your business’s credibility and financial standing. 

The process of registering VAT 

It is important to note that the Federal Tax Authority procedures are online and rigorous. The UAE Federal Tax Authority (FTA) offers VAT online registration, which makes it easier to apply. A thorough understanding and preparation for EMARATAX and the necessary procedural requirements are crucial to shortening the amount of time required. 

First, you must collect all the required documents, including trade licenses, financial statements, and other relevant documents. Ensure all information is accurate and monitor how your applications progress with the portal for actual updates. It is crucial to remember your application forms must be completed to be completed by this FTA to be submitted. Only information provided in the format requested is accepted. Care and attention are essential when presenting your case backed by evidence. 

Record-keeping and VAT Compliance 

After registration, your business is liable to compliance and reporting obligations under regulations such as the Executive Regulations and Tax Procedures Law. Be aware of the significance of compliance with VAT and efficient record keeping. It is vital to keep accurate transaction details, like invoices and receipts. 

A well-organized system for keeping your tax records, books, and related documents should be put in place regularly, with review and updates of your records as a taxpayer to ensure their exactness and accuracy. This will enable your company to comply with FTA audit requirements that are based on desks. 

Common VAT Registration Issues and Solutions 

The VAT registration procedure is constantly changing to ensure an efficient, secure, and risk-free tax administration. Therefore, experience and knowledge of the procedure are vital to ensure an effective and timely registration. Unfortunately, many businesses experience delays because they are unable to comprehend the dues procedure and documentation that is inadequate or because they lack knowledge of the requirements of VAT registration. 

In our experiences, the most frequently cited causes of delays or even rejections include: 

1. Lack of planning or inadequate preparation. 

Did you prepare your application before going beyond the threshold? Did you make sure you’ve gathered all the required documents? 

2. Inability to produce an explanation of the foundation for registration. 

Are you required to sign up to create a statement of transactions for the taxation of supplies? Are you able to provide an understanding of the supply that is tax deductible? 

3. You need more evidence to prove the legitimacy of your request. 

Do you have all the documentation to support your request? 

4. Lack of knowledge of FTA rules and procedures. 

Did you get an opportunity to study and understand the FTA instructions and manuals? 

5. Modifying FTA policies 

If this is your first attempt, or have you previously registered a firm? If so, it’s possible that you’re not up to date with the latest regulations and may not be ready. 

We must become conscious of the issues and make proactive efforts to fix them to finish the application quickly. 

Post-VAT Registration Best Methods to Use 

Following a successful registration, there are numerous ongoing obligations to maintain continuous compliance. Your business must stay informed about any changes to tax laws or compliance procedures. This necessitates regular reviews of your financial operations to identify any changes that could affect your tax obligations and details. 


Knowing how to navigate the UAE tax registration process is crucial for the success of your business. Suppose you’re a UAE firm or someone who enjoys commercial transaction benefits. In that case, UAE VAT Registration becomes mandatory if your taxable earnings exceed AED375,000 within 30 days from the date of this writing. If your UAE business isn’t specific or isn’t well-versed in UAE FTA rules and regulations, Assistance is strongly recommended. 


VAT Registration Consultancy Services 

It is beneficial to work with professionals who are knowledgeable about tax laws. Since we are an approved FTA Tax Agency, ebs chartered accountants are knowledgeable about tax laws and can assist you in completing and filing the VAT application. Our experts are well-versed in UAE tax law and will help you understand the complex details of the registration procedure. 

Based on our expertise, we can help you streamline the process, cutting down on time and reducing the likelihood of errors. This proactive method can ensure that registering VAT is done efficiently, allowing you to focus on your company’s core business activities. 

Our team of skilled tax specialists and experts prepares top-quality and cost-effective solutions for tax-related issues for any business. 


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